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Uterine and Ovarian Cancer DFP

DFP Profile


SAR Uterine and Ovarian Cancer DFP



The SAR Uterine and Ovarian Cancer Disease-Focused Panel will promote dialogue between radiologists, surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists, pathologists and other health professionals caring for patients with gynecological cancers, to advance the current state of gynecological cancer imaging and the ideal approach to treating women based on imaging.



  1. Educational: Create review articles and lectures on imaging of uterine and ovarian cancer.
  2. Scientific: Foster research in uterine and ovarian cancer and promote collaboration between institution to advance the use of imaging in the treatment of women with uterine and ovarian cancer.
  3. Clinical practice: Educate non-radiologists and allied health professionals about topics of importance to referring providers, technology assessment, and image-oriented sessions in multispecialty conferences.
  4. Patient education: Collaborate with our clinical colleagues' organizations, such as the Society of Gynecologic Oncology and the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology, to share knowledge and information for patients and their families.


SAR Uterine and Ovarian Disease-Focused Steering Committee Members:

Evis Sala (
Marcia Javitt (
Kate Maturen (
Yulia Lakhman (
Alberto Vargas (
Jessica Robbins (
Jeanne Horowitz (
Elizabeth Sadowski (
Phyllis Glanc (
Liina Poder (
Priyanka(Priya) Jha (



UOC DFP Chair and Vice-Chair:

Elizabeth Sadowski, MD, Vice-Chair | Evis Sala, MD, Chair


UOC DFP Sub-divisions:

1. Educational chair: Kate Maturen, MD

2. Scientific chair: Alberto Vargas, MD

3. Clinical Practice chair: Marcia Javitt, MD

4. Patient Education chair: Marcia Javitt, MD

5. Social media/online resources chair: Jeanne Horowitz, MD


UOC DFP Task Forces:

1. UOC DFP Template and Imaging Protocol Task Force chair: Jessica Robbins (

2. ACR Women’s Imaging Communication Task Force chairs: Phyllis Glanc ( and Caroline Reinhold (


UOC DFP Mentored Working Groups:

1. Placental Working Group chairs: Liina Poder ( and Priyanka(Priya) Jha (

2. Managing Adnexal Masses Working Group chairs: Kate Maturen ( and Elizabeth Sadowski (

3. Imaging of Early Ovarian Cancer Working Group chairs: Liina Poder ( and Elizabeth Sadowski ( 




The UOC DFP supports multi-institutional research projects related to our mission, with the purpose of creating or strengthening existing collaborations and serving as a platform for strategic research and mentorship in our areas of expertise. You can submit potential projects/ideas using the UOC DFP Research Study Outline Proposal form (click here for form) and submit it to Alberto Vargas ( At the early stages it’s acceptable for the information in the form to lack details. Please include all potential collaborators you may know of, but this is also not necessary.


UOC DFP Research Study Outline Proposal: Click here for form


Listing of Approved UOC DFP Research Studies:

1. Managing Adnexal Lesions Study (PI: Elizabeth Sadowski and Kate Maturen) LINK: click here

2. EURAD MR Adnex Study (PI: Isabelle Thomassin and Andrea Rockall) LINK: click here

3. The value of FDG PET/CT in stage ≤Ib1 cervical cancers (PI: Alberto Vargas, Evis Sala, Yulia Lakhman) LINK: click here

4. CT and MR Imaging Appearance of Early Ovarian Cancer (PI: Jeanne Horowitz) LINK: click here



Member Resources

UOC DFP Dication Templates:

Endometrial cancer: click here

Cervical cancer: click here


UOC DFP MRI Scanning Protocols:


Endometrial cancer: click here


Cervical cancer: click here


Uterine, ovarian, and cervical cancer imaging review articles:

Optimization of MR Imaging for Pretreatment Evaluation of Patients with Endometrial and Cervical Cancer. Rauch GM et al. Radiographics 2014.


Early Cervical Carcinoma and Fertility-sparing Treatment Options: MR Imaging as a Tool in Patient Selection and a Follow-up Modality. Noel P et al. Radiographics 2014.


The Added Role of MR Imaging in Treatment Stratification of Patients with Gynecologic

Malignancies: What the Radiologist Needs to Know. Sala E et al. Radiology 2013.


FIGO Staging System for Endometrial Cancer: Added Benefits of MR Imaging. Beddy P et al. Radiographics 2012.


Histologic, Molecular, and Cytogenetic Features of Ovarian Cancers: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment. Lalwani N et al. Radiographics 2011.


Role of MRI in Intracavitary Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer: What the Radiologist Needs to Know. Beddy P et al. AJR 2011.


MRI, CT, and PET/CT for Ovarian Cancer Detection and Adnexal Lesion Characterization. Iyer V and Lee SI. AJR 2010.


PET/CT Evaluation of Cervical Cancer: Spectrum of Disease. Son H et al. Radiographics 2010.


Role of PET/CT in Ovarian Cancer. Prakash P et al. AJR 2010.


Patient Resources


Information for patients on RadiologyInfo website regarding imaging evaluation and treatment:

Endometrial cancer:

Ovarian cancer:


Cervical Cancer:

Email: | Phone: 713-965-0566
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