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2018 Award Winners

SAR Special Awards

SAR Howard M. Pollack Medalist
John J. Cronan, MD

Rhode Island Hospital

SAR Walter B. Cannon Medalist 
Peter R. Mueller, MD
Massachussetts General Hospital

SAR GU Lifetime Achievement Award
Michael A. Bettmann, MD

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

SAR GI Lifetime Achievement Award
Herbert Y. Kressel, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Distinguished International Member Award

 Hiromu Mori, MD, PhD

Oita University


SAR Research Awards

Morton A. Bosniak Research Award 

Noninvasive Assessment of Ovarian Cancer Aggressiveness Using Hyperpolarized 13 C MR Imaging

Priyanka Jha, MBBS


Howard S. Stern Research Grant

Temporary Health Disutility of Prostate MRI and Transrectal Prostate Biopsy in Active Surveillance
Prostate Cancer Patients

Prasad Shankar, MD

Wylie J. Dodds Research Award

A Convolutional Neural Network Based Automated Method for Measuring Total Liver Fat Burden
in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Kang Wang, MD


Annual Meeting Awards

Best At the Cutting Edge Scientific Paper Award
T1p Mapping for Assessment of Fibrosis in Renal Allografts
Stefanie Hectors, PhD - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York
Co-Authors: Octavia Bane, Paul Kennedy, Fadi Salem, Madhav Menon, Maxwell Segall,
Rafael Khaim, Sara Lewis, Bachir Taouli

Best Improving Clinical Practice Scientific Paper Award
Novel Quality Indicators for Radiologists Interpreting Abdominopelvic CT:
Risk-adjusted Outcomes in Emergency Department Patients with Right Lower Quadrant Pain

Matthew Davenport, MD - University of Michigan Health System
Co-Authors: Shokoufeh B. Khalatbari, James H. Ellis, Richard H. Cohan, Suzanne Chong, Keith E. Kocher

 Best Hot Topics in GI Scientific Paper Award
Comparison of Longitudinal Change in Hepatic Proton Density Fat Fraction (PDFF) Estimated by Magnitude - (MRI-M) and Complex- (MRI-C) Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Prospective Study
Adrija Mamidipalli, MBBS - University of California, San Diego
Co-Authors: Soudabeh Fazeli Dhkordy, Gavin Hamilton, Calvin A. Tran, Jonathan C. Hooker, Cheng W. Hong, Tanya Wolfson, Anthony Gamst, Michael Middleton, Claude B. Sirlin

Best Hot Topic in GU Scientific Paper Award
Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Using Risk Maps Derived from Quantitative Multi-parametric MRI
Aytekin Oto, MD - University of Chicago
Co-Authors: Aritrick Chatterjee, Dianning He, Xiaobing Fan, Tatiana Antic, Yulei Jiang, Gregory Karczmar

Roscoe E. Miller Best Paper Award 
PET-MRI for Early Treatment Response Assessment in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Zhen J. Wang, MD - University of California, San Francisco
Co-Authors: Spencer Behr, Martin V. Consunji, Michael A. Ohliger, Benjamin Yeh, Andrew Ko,
Margaret Tempero, Pelin Cinar, Eric Collisson

Alexander R. Margulis Best Paper by a Trainee Award
Predicting the Tumor Microenvironment of Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma Using Enhancement Characteristics
Derived from 3D Tumor Contours on Four-phase CT

Heidi Coy, BS - University of California, Los Angeles
Co-Authors: Jonathan Young, Michael L. Douek, Anthony Sisk, Clara E. Magyar, Matthew Brown,
James Sayre, Steven S. Raman

Magna Cum Laude Poster Award
Cirrhosis: The Double-Edged Sword for CT and MRI Diagnosis of HCC
Victoria Chernyak, MD, MS - Washington University
Co-Authors: Kathryn J. Fowler, Ania Z. Kielar, Alessandro Furlan, An Tang, Jennifer Cui,
Demetri Papadatos, Claude B. Sirlin

Judging the Jeopardized J Pouch
David Bartlett, MD
- Mayo Clinic
Co-Authors: Shannon P. Sheedy, Amy L. Lightner, Christine O. Menias, Joshua Reber, David H. Bruining,
John M. Barlow, Jeff L. Fidler, Joel Fletcher

Cum Laude Poster Awards
Multimodality Evaluation of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms: How Well Can We Predict Malignant Histology?
Melissa McGettigan, MD - Moffitt Cancer Center
Co-Authors: Alisha Rathi, Daniel Jeong, Trevor Rose, Jenny Permuth, Jung Choi

An Illustrated Guide to Gastrointestinal Surgical Procedures for the Abdominal Radiologist

Anjuli Cherukuri, MD - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Co-Authors: Akshya Gupta, Jonathan K. Vincent, Robert D'Agostino, Lori Mankowski Gettle

HIPEC and Peritoneal Carcinomatosis: Evolving Role of Imaging in Defining Treatment
David Bartlett
, MD - Mayo Clinic
Co-Authors: Paul G. Thacker, Shannon P. Sheedy, Christine O. Menias, Travis Gotz, Nabil Wasif, Joel Fletcher

Poster Merit Awards
Pictorial Review of LI-RADS Updates v2017: Interactive Case Based Approach
Przemyslaw Ignaciuk, MD

Pictorial Review on Applications of Ferumoxytol in MR Imaging
Hamed Kordbacheh, MD

Hormone Done It? Abdominal and Pelvic Imaging Correlates to Laboratory Abnormalities
Nicole Kurzbard-Roach, MD

Tumor Response Evaluation Criteria - RECIST 1.1, irRC and irRECIST: Radiologists and Oncologists Perspective
Usha Lalchandani, MBBS

Pitfalls of Interpreting Multiparametric Prostate MRI: Tough Lessons from Tough Lesions
Lauren Saling, MD

HCC Detection in Pre-transplant Patients: Comparative Diagnostic Performance of CT Versus MRI Using Extracellular Contrast Agents vs MRI Using Gadoxetic Acid
Sahar Semaan, MD

Power Science Magna Cum Laude Award
Point Shear Wave Elastography Using Machine Learning to Differentiate Between Renal Cell
Carcinoma and Angiomyolipoma
Hersh Sagreiya, MD - Stanford University School of Medicine
Co-Authors: Alireza Akhbardeh, Dandan Li, Rosa M. Sigrist, Benjamin Chung, Geoffrey A. Sonn, Juergen K. Willmann

Power Science Cum Laude Award
Ultra-low-dose Limited Renal CT for Volumetric Stone Surveillance: Advantages Over KUB, US, and Standard Unenhanced CT
Virgina Planz, MD - University of Wisconsin
Co-Authors: Natasza M. Posielski, Meghan Lubner, Stephen Nakada, Perry J. Pickhardt

Power Science Merit Award

Improved Liver Segmentation and Volumetry with Spectral Detector CT and MADplot
Yee Seng Ng, MD - UT Southwestern
Co-Authors: Yuxiao Qian, Lakshmi Ananthakrishnan, Yi Xi, Todd C. Soesbe, Matthew A. Lewis,
Robert E. Lenkinski, Julia R. Fielding

SAR Fund Trainee Travel Scholarship Awards

Impact of MRI-based Inclusion Criteria on Subject Populations in Nonalcoholic Statohepatitis
(NASH) Treatment Trials
Ben Wildman-Tobriner, MD


Predictive Role of PI-RADSv2 and ADC Parameters in Differentiating Gleason Pattern
3+4 and 4+3 Prostate Cancer

Francesco Alessandrino, MD


Textural Analysis in Evaluation of Abnormal Placentation
Amanda Allen, DO


Association Between Endometriosis and Adenomyosis at MRI Imaging and Surgical Pathology

Naziya Samreen, MD


Diagnostic Accuracy of 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET Compared with Multiparametric MRI for the Detection of Prostate Cancer in Patients Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy with Explant Histopathologic Correlation

Robert Hicks, BA

Predicting the Tumor Microenvironment of Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma Using Enhancement Characteristics Derived from 3D Tumor Contours on Four-phase CT

Heidi Coy, BS



Case of the Day Winners

1st Place 

Scott King, MD
Koenraad Mortele, MD

2nd Place 

Justin Tse, MD


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