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Committee FAQ

Additional information can be found anytime on the

Committees page under About SAR, or by contacting the SAR office.


Q: When are committee invitations/appointments sent?

A: In the summer, for the upcoming term.

·         Ex: Appointments for the 2017-2018 term will be made in the summer of 2016


Q: How can I volunteer?

A: A volunteer form will be available starting at the annual meeting, for the following term.

·         Ex: Interest sign-ups will begin at the 2016 annual meeting for the 2017-2018 term


Q: How will I know if I am appointed to a committee? 

A: Letters of invitation will be sent in the summer. 

·         Once all positions are confirmed, the final roster will be forwarded to all SAR members

·         Everyone should double-check and verify their appointments annually by reviewing the roster


Q: When does my term begin and end?

A: April 1 – March 31 (approximately meeting-to-meeting).


Q: How long is the term/ What is the length of the appointment?

A: 3 years.

·         Terms are for 3 years; maximum two terms (6 years total) per committee

·         The Nominating Committee is a one-year term

·         Certain committees will be limited to one-term only, with no option to renew right away (Educational Program; SAR Advisory Board; IEC/Visiting Professor; Nominating; Special Awards)


Q: How many people are on a committee?

A: Membership varies based on responsibility.  Committees are either 3, 6, 9 or 12 members. 

·         In the instance when a board member is appointed as the chair or an ex-officio member, or there is a liaison, they will be in-addition-to the primary member count (example: 3+1, 6+1, etc.)


Q: How many new members are appointed each year?

A: Each year, 1/3 of the committee will complete service, and new members are invited in their place.

·         Ex:  For a committee of 12, 4 new members will be invited each year

(For 9, 3 new; for 6, 2 new; for 3, 1 new)


Q: How many terms can I serve?

A: Most members will be invited to serve one term (3 years). 

·         Some invitations will be renewed for a second consecutive term (6 years total)

·         Those selected to be Chair of a Committee will do so in their 2nd term

·         After 6 consecutive years (2 consecutive terms) on a committee, a member will be considered “retired” from that committee, and can be re-appointed only after 3 years (one term) of inactivity


Q: How many committees can I be on at one time?

A: Generally, no more than 2 standing committees.


Q: What if my invitation was for less than 3 years?

A: You were likely appointed as an “interim member”.

·         In some cases, an “interim member” is appointed to fill a vacancy and carry out the remainder of that term, if a current committee member cannot complete their term or their role changes.

·         The Nominating Committee is a one-year term only.


Q: Does my chapter (GI/GU) matter?

A: For certain committees, yes.

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