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Uterine and Ovarian Cancer DFP

DFP Profile


SAR Uterine and Ovarian Cancer DFP (Over 1350 page visits since January 2016!)



The SAR Uterine and Ovarian Cancer Disease-Focused Panel will advance gynecological cancer imaging through education and research, while providing clinical guidance to radiologists and referring clinicians on gynecologic cancer imaging practices.


Member Resources

CME Material:

1.    Adnexal Mass Characterization

Module 1: Fundamentals of adnexal mass characterization with MRI: Click here (Coming soon!)

Module 2: Advanced adnexal mass characterization with MRI: Click here (Coming soon!)


UOC DFP Dictation Templates:

1.    Endometrial cancer: Click here

2.    Cervical cancer: Click here


UOC DFP MRI Scanning Protocols:

1.    Endometrial cancer: Click here

2.    Cervical cancer: Click here


UOC DFP Article Database link: Click here


UOC DFP New Member Application: Click here




Projects Requesting Collaborators

1.    Early Ovarian Cancer on CT/MRI/US (Sadowski;

2.    Early Cervical Cancer and PET imaging (Vargas;

3.    Dual energy and incidentally discovered adnexal lesions on CT (Wang;

4.    Incidentally detected adnexal lesions in oncologic patients (Shinagare;


Current Clinical Practice Projects

1.   ESUR/SAR Placental Imaging Guidelines (Priyanka Jha/ Liina Poder) 

2.   Ovarian Cancer Staging Lexicon and Dictation Template (Atul Shinagare/ Elizabeth 

      Sadowski/ Alberto Vargas)  

3.   SAR/ABS Intersociety Brachytherapy Imaging Guidelines (Aradhana Venkatesan/ Maia

      Margishvili Rauch)  


Research Mission

The UOC DFP supports multi-institutional research projects related to our mission, with the purpose of creating or strengthening existing collaborations and serving as a platform for strategic research and mentorship in our areas of expertise. You can submit potential multi-institutional projects/ideas using the UOC DFP Research Study Outline Proposal form and the UOC DFP leadership will review the proposal. At the early stages it’s acceptable for the information in the form to lack details. Please include all potential collaborators you may know of; however this list can be changed as needed by written communication.


UOC DFP Research Study Outline Proposal: Click here for form


Listing of Approved UOC DFP Multi-Institutional Research Studies:


1. Managing Adnexal Lesions Study (PI: Elizabeth Sadowski and Kate Maturen)  

2. EURAD MR Adnex Study (PI: Isabelle Thomassin and Andrea Rockall)  

3. The value of FDG PET/CT in stage ≤Ib1 cervical cancers (PI: Alberto Vargas, Evis Sala,

    Yulia Lakhman)  

4. US, CT, MR Imaging Appearance of Early Ovarian Cancer (PI: Elizabeth Sadowski/Kate



Listing of Publications Related to UOC DFP Research Studies:


1.    Maturen KE, Blaty AD, Wasnik AP, Patel-Lippmann K, Robbins JB, Barroilhet L, Huffman

       LB, Sadowski EA.  Risk Stratification of Adnexal Cysts and Cystic Masses: Clinical

       Performance of Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) Guidelines.  Radiology. 2017


2.    Thomassin-Naggara I, Fedida B, Sadowski E, Chevrier MC, Chabbert-Buffet N, Ballester 

       M, Tavolaro S, Darai E. Complex US adnexal masses during pregnancy: Is pelvic MR 

       imaging accurate for characterization? Eur J Radiol. 2017 Aug;93:200-208.

3.    Sadowski EA, Robbins JB, Rockall AG, Thomassin-Naggara I.  A Systematic Approach to

       Adnexal Masses Discovered On Ultrasound: The ADNEX MR Scoring System. Abdom

       Radiol 2018 Mar;43(3):679-695.

4.    Sadowski EA, Paroder V, Patel-Lippmann K, Robbins JB, Barroilhet L, Maddox E,

       McMahon T, Sampene E, Wasnik AP, Blaty AD, Maturen KE. Indeterminate Adnexal Cysts

       at US: Prevalence and Characteristics of Ovarian Cancer. Radiology. Radiology. 2018


Education Mission

The mission of the UOC DFP is to educate radiologists about gynecologic cancers and enable them to contribute meaningfully to gynecologic oncologic care.  DFP members generate educational content in peer-reviewed journal; provide workshops, lectures, and hands-on courses at the annual meeting. Online SAR-sponsored content for CME credit is being developed.


UOC DFP Sample Workshop Proposals for the annual SAR meeting: Click here for form


Request to produce CME material for the UOC DFP website modules: Click here (Coming soon!)


Clinical Practice Mission

Provide UOC DFP approved imaging templates and protocols to SAR members and the practicing radiologists. Interact with the ACR, ESUR and other organizations to assure open communication between societies and foster a collaborative effort in education and guideline development.


Leadership, Memberships, Divisions and Collaborations


Founding Chairs:


Evis Sala
Elizabeth Sadowski


Current UOC DFP Chair and Vice-Chair:


Alberto Vargas Chair 
Kate Maturen Vice-Chair 


Steering Committee Active Members:


Marcia Javitt (

Kate Maturen (

Yulia Lakhman (

Alberto Vargas (

Jessica Robbins (

Jeanne Horowitz (

Elizabeth Sadowski (

Liina Poder (

Priyanka(Priya) Jha (

Atul Shinagare (

Olga Brook (

Aradhana Venkatesan (

Maia Margishvili Rauch (



UOC DFP Sub-divisions:


1. Educational chair: Kate Maturen

2. Scientific chair: Elizabeth Sadowski and Aradhana Venkatesan

3. Clinical Practice/ Patient Education chair: Marcia Javitt

4. Social media/online resources chair: Jeanne Horowitz




UOC DFP Collaborations with Outside Organizations:


1. ACR Women’s Imaging Appropriateness Criterial Panel:

   Chairs: Phyllis Glanc, Caroline Reinhold and Kate Maturen


2. O-RADS Panel:

    Phyllis Glanc, Caroline Reinhold, Alberto Vargas, Elizabeth Sadowski and Kate Maturen


3. ESUR Pelvic Imaging Working Group:

    ESUR WPI Liaisons: Rosemarie Forstner (, Andrea Rockall     

    (, Stephanie Nougaret (



Patient Resources

Information for patients on RadiologyInfo website regarding imaging evaluation and treatment:


Endometrial cancer:


Ovarian cancer:


Cervical Cancer:

Email: | Phone: 847-752-5355
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