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SAR International Education Conference Program


The IEC Program was adopted from the former Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists.   
Those listed below represent the teams that participated on behalf of the SGR, and beginning in 2012, the SAR. 


2019 San Jose, Costa Rica

Jonathan B. Kruskal, M.D., Ph.D., FSAR, FACR

2019 SAR President and IEC Team Captain

Kate Maturen, MD

Igor Laufer Professor Visiting Professor

Mitch Tublin, MD

Marshak Lecturer

Stephan Anderson, MD

J. Louis Hinshaw, MD

Sandy Lall, MD

Stephanie Weinstein, MD

Host: Diego Rodriguez, MD

Costa Rican Association of Radiology and Medical Imaging

Asociación Costarricense de Radiología e Imágenes Médicas


View Photos from IEC 2019

2018 Dublin, Ireland

Bernard F. King, Jr. MD, FACR, FSAR
2018 SAR President and IEC Team Captain
Erick M. Remer, MD, FACR, FSAR

SAR Igor Laufer Visiting Professor
Matthew S. Davenport, MD, FSAR

SAR Richard H. Marshak International Lecturer
Shweta Bhatt, MD, FSAR
Thomas A. Hope, MD, FSAR
Meghan G. Lubner, MD, FSAR


View Photos from IEC 2018





2017 Santiago, Chile

Giles W.L. Boland, MD, FACR, FSAR

SAR President and IEC Team Captain

Frank H. Miller, MD, FSAR

Igor Laufer Visiting Professor 

Khaled M. Elsayes, MD, FSAR

Richard H. Marshak International Lecturer

Rajan T. Gupta, MD, FSAR

Tracy A. Jaffe, MD, FSAR

John P. McGahan, MD, FSAR

Jorge A. Soto, MD, FSAR




2016 Curitiba, Brazil

William W. Mayo-Smith, MD, FACR, FSAR

Christine Menias, MD, FSAR - Igor Laufer Visiting Professor

Julia Fielding, MD, FSAR - Marshak International Lecturer

Matthew Heller, MD, FSAR

Erick Remer, MD, FSAR

Cynthia Santillan, MD, FSAR


2015 (2016) Cape Town, South Africa
Judy Yee, MD, FACR, FSAR 
Mukesh G. Harisinghani, MD, FSAR – Igor Laufer Visiting Professor
David J. DiSantis, MD, FSAR - Marshak International Lecturer
Gerald D. Dodd, MD, FACR, FSAR
Elizabeth Hecht, MD, FSAR 
Leslie M. Scoutt, MD, FACR 

Giles W. Boland, MD, FACR, FSAR

Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAR



2014 Veracruz, Mexico
Deborah A. Baumgarten, MD, MPH, FACR, FSAR 
John R. Leyendecker, MD – Igor Laufer Visiting Professor
Sudha A. Anupindi, MD - Marshak International Lecturer
Ulrike M. Hamper, MD, MBA, FACR
Cary Lynn Siegel, MD
Zhen Jane Wang, MD



2013 Puerto Rico
Alec J. Megibow, MD, MPH, FACR
Mukesh G. Harisinghani, MD
Frank H. Miller, MD (Marshak International Lecturer)
Desiree E. Morgan, MD (Igor Laufer Visiting Professor)
Antonio Carlos A. Westphalen, MD
Ronald J. Zagoria, MD, FACR


2012 Guatemala
Stuart G. Silverman, MD
Theodore J. Dubinsky, MD
Kartik S. Jhaveri, MD
Perry J. Pickhardt, MD (Visiting Professor)
Myron A. Pozniak, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)
Srinivasa R. Prasad, MD

To view the photos from the 2012 SAR IEC Program in a separate window, click here.


2011 Colombia
C. Dan Johnson, MD
Giles Boland, MD
Tracy Jaffe, MD
Jorge A. Soto, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)
Benjamin M. Yeh, MD (Visiting Professor)


2010 Cape Town
Jay Heiken, MD
Michael Federle, MD
Jonathan Kruskal, MD
Erik Paulson, MD (Visiting Professor)
Kumar Sandrasegaran, MD
Sat Somers, MB ChB (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)


2009 Guatemala
Peter Mueller, MD
Allen Cohen, MD
Francis Scholz, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)
Ali Shirkhoda, MD


2008 Chile
Richard Gore, MD
Dushyant Sahani, MD (Visiting Professor)
Andrew Taylor, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)
Bachir Taouli, MD


2007 Argentina
Richard Baron, MD
Douglas Katz, MD
Judy Yee, MD (Visiting Professor)
Giovanna Casola, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)
Erik Paulson, MD


2006 Brazil
Angela Levy, MD (Visiting Professor)
Benjamin Yeh, MD
Brian Lucey, MD
Pablo Ros, MD
Dean D.T. Maglinte, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)
2005 Mexico
Michael Macari, MD (Visiting Professor)
Robert Halvorsen, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)
Spencer Gay, MD
Robert Clark, MD
Dennis Balfe, MD


The meeting was moved to the spring of 2005. (No faculty participated in 2004.)


2003 Uruguay
Kyunghee Cho, MD
William Mayo-Smith, MD
Jonathan Kruskal, MD (Visiting Professor)
Marc S. Levine, MD
Sharlene Teefey, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)

2002 Ecuador
Kedar N. Chintapalli, MD
Mary T. Keogan, MD (Visiting Professor)
Pablo R. Ros, MD
Richard B. Towbin, MD
Ellen L. Wolf, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)


2001 Dominican Republic
Ann S. Fulcher, MD (Visiting Professor)
Bruce R. Javors, MD
Jaime Tisnado, MD
Eric vanSonnenberg, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)


2000 Chile
Richard L. Baron, MD
Peter L. Cooperberg, MD
Gerald D. Dodd, III, MD (Visiting Professor)
Richard M. Gore, MD
Eric VanSonnenberg, MD (Richard H. Marshak Lecturer)


1999 Peru
Emil J. Balthazar, MD
Richard M. Gore, MD
Jay P. Heiken, MD (Visiting Professor)
Pablo R. Ros, MD
Edward T. Stewart, MD


1998 Guatemala
Emil J. Balthazar, MD
C. Dan Johnson, MD
Marc S. Levine, MD
Edward T. Stewart, MD
Gladys M. Torres, MD


To see a list of former Richard H. Marshak International Lecturers, please click here.

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