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SAR Membership Types and Requirements

NOTE:  In order to maintain continuous membership and remain in-good-standing, all members are required to pay dues and/or renew their memberships annually.  For free memberships, this includes review and update of member profile without payment.  Additional dues deadlines may apply in-conjunction with meeting-related participation.


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Active Member
Individuals who are physicians, having completed their residency training in radiology and/or nuclear medicine, and are now engaged in the practice, teaching, or research of abdominal radiology in the United States or Canada may become Active Members. Applicants must be Diplomates of the American Board of Radiology, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, or have equivalent qualifications, although the Board upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee may waive these requirements for candidates who have contributed to abdominal radiology and whose main interest is in the this field. The Membership Committee shall determine the merit of this involvement and has the right for final approval of the applicants. The application for Active Membership must be accompanied with a letter of interest in joining the SAR. The letter should be addressed to the Secretary-Treasurer, Chair of the Membership Committee and must document the applicant's involvement in abdominal imaging, such as: division, head, responsible for residency teaching, publications, subspecialty trained, abdominal "person" in group practice, etc. 

International Member
Individuals otherwise eligible for Active Membership, but working or residing outside of the United States or Canada, may become International Members.  Those working in Latin American countries maybe eligible for a discounted membership rate.  Application requirements are identical to that of Active Membership. 


Affiliate Member
Affiliate Membership shall include those individuals who are interested in the field of abdominal radiology, and do not meet the requirements for Active or International membership. An Affiliate Member does not have to be a Doctor of Medicine. Applications for Affiliate Membership may be received from health care providers who work or reside within or outside of the US or Canada, and have not undergone specific training in Radiology or Nuclear Medicine, but have an interest in abdominal radiology. The application for Affiliate Membership must be accompanied with a letter addressed to the Secretary-Treasurer, Chair of the Membership Committee that explicitly describes the candidate’s scope of practice, location of practice (e.g. private practice, academic center, etc.). The letter should also include a specific mention of how the candidate interacts with their local radiology community. The Membership Committee will review these applications on an ongoing basis and reserves the right to extend or deny membership.


Fellow Member
An applicant for Fellow status shall have made a significant contribution to the field of abdominal radiology. Fellows must be Diplomates of the American Board of Radiology, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, or have equivalent qualifications otherwise acceptable to the Membership Committee. The applicant shall be engaged in the practice, teaching or research of abdominal radiology. He or she must have been an Active Member or International Member for at least five (5) consecutive years before applying for Fellow status. He or she must demonstrate a continued interest in abdominal radiology and should devote at least fifty percent (50%) of their professional medical practice to the study of the abdomen and pelvis. The applicant must practice in an institution with a residency program (or through an affiliation, be involved in resident training).  The full list of eligibility guidelines and required nomination materials is available here


Military Members

Military discounts are for members actively serving in the Military only.  Members still qualify for each member type above but can receive a special dues discount.  A complete application, cv, letter of interest in joining and military photo ID will be required for approval.  Military members are eligible for a special discounted membership dues rate.


Medical Students, Residents and physicians currently in a Fellowship training program are welcome to apply to become a Member-in-Training of the SAR.  MITs can take advantage of free membership, and therefore access to SAR resources, announcements and more, while in-training.  A complete application, cv, letter of interest in joining and verification from a supervisor or program director will be required for approval.  All MIT memberships will expire annually in December.  At that time, these members should submit an annual verification form to verify still in training status and continue training membership, or upgrade to the appropriate member type. 

Emeritus Member
At the written request of a Fellow, Active Member, Affiliate Member or International Member to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee, and with the approval of the Board of Directors, a Member no longer actively practicing abdominal radiology, or in the case of an Affiliate Member, someone who is no longer actively practicing in their respective field may be designated as Emeritus. Society Members who after semi or full retirement spend less than 50% of their time employed as a radiologist or Nuclear Medicine Physician, or in the case of an Affiliate Member spend less than 50% of their time employed in their medical profession are eligible for Emeritus status. Emeritus Members shall have the privileges of Fellow, Active, Affiliate or International Members, whichever they held immediately prior to becoming an Emeritus Member except they shall not be eligible to hold any office (elected or appointed) in the Society and do not have the right to vote. Emeritus Members shall be exempt from paying dues, and are eligible to attend the Annual Meeting at the member rate.



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