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2015-2016 SAR Committees


Visit the current roster page for additional information and resources about SAR Committees


Board of Directors

Judy Yee, MD, President
William Mayo-Smith, MD, President-Elect
Giles Boland, MD, Secretary Treasurer
Bernard King, MD, First Director-in-Succession
Jonathan B. Kruskal MD, PhD, Second Director-in-Succession

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Past President 


  Annual Meeting Council
William Mayo-Smith, MD, Chair
Judy Yee, MD, Ex-Officio Member
William Olmsted, MD, CME Director, Ex-Officio Member


Educational Program Committee

William Mayo-Smith, MD, Chair

Matt Davenport, MD, Coordinator

Stefanie Weinstein, MD, Coordinator 

Brian C. Allen, MD  

Laura Carucci, MD  

Silvia D. Chang, MD, FRCPC, FSAR 

Nicole Hindman, MD

Jean Lee, MD

Kumar Sandrasegaran, MD 

Myles Taffel, MD

Judy Yee, MD,  Ex-Officio Member
William Olmsted, MD, CME Director,  Ex-Officio Member



Scientific Program Committee

Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, Chair 

Hersch Chandarana, MD, Coordinator 

 Matthew Heller, MD, Coordinator

Fergus Coakley, MD

Sebastian Feuerlein, MD 

Marc Gollub, MD

Desiree Morgan, MD 

Koenraad Mortele, MD

Aytekin Oto, MD

Elizabeth Sadowski, MD

Andrew Smith, MD, PhD 

Baris Turkbey, MD

  Ben Yeh, MD  


Ad Hoc Scientific and Education Council Advisory Board

Cheri Canon, MD

JG Fletcher, MD 

Marcia Javitt, MD  

Erick Remer, MD

Ben Yeh, MD

CME Committee

William Olmsted, MD, CME Director, Chair

Peter Choyke, MD, Co-Chair

Dennis Balfe, MD

Richard Baron, MD 

David DiSantis, MD 

William Mayo-Smith, MD 

David Naeger, MD

 Corporate Support Committee

Judy Yee, MD, Chair

Mark Baker, MD 

 Deborah Baumgarten, MD

Giles Boland, MD 

 John Cronan, MD

Dan Johnson, MD

Bernard King, MD 

Jonathan B. Kruskal MD, PhD

Susanna Lee, MD, PhD

David Paushter, MD 

William Small, MD 

William Mayo-Smith, MD  


Informatics Committee

Marc Kohli, MD, Chair

Travis Browning, MD

Jennifer Oliveto, MD

George Shih, MD

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Ex-Officio Member

Website Education Committee

Christine Menias, MD, Chair

Puneet Bhargava, MD 

Terry Desser, MD 

 Amy Hara, MD

Ania Kielar, BSc, MD, FRCPC 

Chandana Lall, MD

John Leyendecker, MD

Meghan Lubner, MD 

Vincent Mellnick, MD 

Mariam Moshiri, MD

Michael Patlas, MD, FRCPC

Christine Peterson, MD

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Ex-Officio Member


Updates Committee

Paul Nikolaidis, MD, Chair

Abraham Dachman, MD

Marta Heilbrun, MD, MS

Eleanor Ormsby, MD, MPH

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Ex-Officio Member

Social Media Committee

Cynthia Santillan, MD, Chair 

Hina Arif-Tiwari, MD, DNB  

Michael Gee, MD, PhD

Aya Kamaya, MD

Winnie Mar, MD

 Ryan O'Malley, MD  

Jay K. Pahade, MD

Carolyn Wang, MD

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Ex-Officio Member

Website Oversight Committee

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Chair

Marc Kohli, MD

Christine Menias, MD

Paul Nikolaidis, MD 

Cynthia Santillan, MD


Ethics Committee

Bernard King, MD, Chair

Suzan Goldman, MD, PhD 

Ellen Wolf , MD


Finance Committee

Giles Boland, MD, Chair

Bernard King, MD

Jonathan B. Kruskal MD, PhD

Ramit Lamba, MD

Fred Lee, MD 

Frank Miller, MD, FACR

Ron Zagoria, MD, FACR

International Education/Visiting Professorship Committee

William Mayo-Smith, MD, Chair

Harmeet Kaur, MD 

Peter Mueller, MD 

Rosaleen Parsons, MD

Jane Wang, MD


Maintenance of Certification Committee

Shetal Shah, MD, Chair

David Childs, MD 

Mukesh Harisinghani, MD

Keya Hosseinzadeh, MD

David Kim, MD

Mariam Moshiri, MD

William Small, MD

Emily Webb, MD

Ad Hoc MOC Advisory Committee

Dennis Balfe, MD

 Ray Dyer, MD

Duane Mezwa, MD

Parvi Ramchandani, MD


Membership Committee

Giles Boland, MD, Chair

Kevin Chang, MD

Sarah Erickson, MD

Brian Herts, MD 

Melissa Picard, MD 

Jorge Soto, MD

Antonio Westphalen, MD

Nominating Committee

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Chair

Fergus Coakley, MD 

Nancy Curry, MD

Chip Dodd, MD

Susan Wall, MD


Special Awards Committee

Deborah Baumgarten, MD, Chair

Rich Cohan, MD 

Jay Heiken, MD

William Mayo-Smith, MD 

Mary Ann Turner, MD 


Research Awards Committee

Bachir Taouli, MD, Co-chair

Mitch Tublin, MD, Co-chair

Micahel Bettman, MD

David Grand, MD 

Thomas Hope, MD

Shetal Shah, MD

Rules and Bylaws Committee

Jonathan B. Kruskal MD, PhD, Chair

Aliya Qayyum, MD 

Nabeel Sarwani, MD, FRCR



Disease-Focused Panel (DFP) Oversight Committee

J.G. Fletcher, MD, Chair

Marta E. Heilbrun, MD, MS  

Tracy Jaffe, MD 

Bernard King, MD

Susanna Lee, MD, PhD

Alec Megibow, MD 

Stuart Silverman, MD 



Ad Hoc Training Education Committee

Jonathan B. Kruskal MD, PhD, Chair

Deborah A. Baumgarten, MD

Terry Desser, MD 

David DiSantis, MD 

Kumar Sandrasegaran, MD


 ACR Councilors /  Ad Hoc ACR Strategic Alliance Committee

Fred Murphy, MD, ACR Councilor

Raghu Vikram, MD, ACR Alternate Councilor

Julia Fielding, MD






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