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2019-2020 SAR Committees


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Deadline to volunteer for 2019 is May 31, 2019


Board of Directors

Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAR, President
Desiree E. Morgan, MD, FSARPresident-Elect
Amy K. Hara, MD, FSAR, Director of Science

Joel G. Fletcher, MD, FSAR, Director of Education
Cheri L. Canon, MD, FSAR, Director of Finance and Internal Affairs / Secretary

Claude B. Sirlin, MD, FSAR, Director at Large
Bernard F. King, Jr., MD, FACR, FSAR, Past President 


Annual Meeting Council (AMC)
      Comprised of the Educational Program Committee
      and the Scientific Program & Educational Exhibits Committee

Desiree E. Morgan, MD, FSAR, Chair
Jonathan Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAREx-Officio Member
Peter Choyke, MD, FACR, CME Director, Ex-Officio Member

CME Committee 

Peter Choyke, MD, FACR, FSAR, CME Director, Chair
Robert Hartman, MD, FSAR, Co-Chair 
Doug Katz, MD, FACR, FSAR
Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAR

Aliya Qayyum, MD, FSAR

Eric Tamm, MD, FSAR


Learning Council

      Comprised of chairs of the various SAR education  
      and learning related committees

Joel G. Fletcher, MD, FSAR, Chair
Claude B. Sirlin, MD, FSARVice Chair

Dennis M. Balfe, MD, FSAR

Peter L. Choyke, MD, FACR, FSAR
Robert Hartman, MD, FSAR
Susanna I. Lee, MD, PhD, FSAR

Meghan G. Luber, MD
Desiree E. Morgan, MD, FSAR
Paul Nikolaidas, MD, FSAR
Cynthia Santillan, MD, FSAR
Andrew D. Smith, MD, FSAR

Nelly Tan, MD



AMC - Educational Program Committee

Desiree E. Morgan, MD, FSARChair
Adam Froemming, MD, Workshop Coordinator
Kathryn Fowler, MD, Workshop Coordinator

Elaine Caoili, MD
Rajan Gupta, MD
Alison Harris. MD, FSAR
David Hough, MD
Cooky Menias, MD, FSAR
Frank Miller, MD, FSAR
Bhavik Patel, MD

Aradhana Venkatesan, MD
Carolyn Wang, MD, FSAR

Geoffrey Wile, MD

Peter Choyke, MD, FACR, Ex-Officio Member
Joel G. Fletcher, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member

Jonathan Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member


Abdominal Radiology Journal Liaison

Meghan Lubner, MD

AMC - Scientific Program &
           Educational Exhibits Committee
Amy K. Hara, MD, FSAR, Chair 
Ravi Kaza, MD, Coordintor

Jane Wang, MD, Coordinator

Lejla Aganovic, MD
Patricia Balcacer De la Cruz, MD
Spencer Behr, MD
Kristeen Burton, MD
Samual Chang, MD
Victoria Chernyak, MD. FSAR
Nicole Curci, MD
Matthew Davenport, MD

Kathryn Fowler, MD
Alice Fung, MD
Debra Gervais, MD, FSAR

Shahid Hussain, MD
Avinash Kambadakone Ramesh, MD
Chandana Lall, MD

Kate Maturen, MD
Kathryn McGillen, MD
Achille Mileto, MD
Courtney Moreno, MD
Viktoriya Paroder, MD
Bhavik Patel, MD
Iva Petkovska, MD

Jason Pietryga, MD
Elizabeth Sadowski, MD
Atul Shinagare, MD, FSAR
Rafel Tappouni, MD
Temel Tirkes, MD
Leo Tsai, MD

Antonio Westphalen, MD, PhD, FSAR
Joel G. Fletcher, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member

Claude B. Sirlin, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member


Corporate Support Committee
Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAR, Chair
Cheri L. Canon, MD, FSAR
Joel G. Fletcher, MD, FSAR
Amy K. Hara, MD, FSAR
Bernard F. King, Jr., MD, FACR, FSAR
Desiree E. Morgan, MD
Erik Paulson, MD, FSAR
David Paushter, MD
Iva Petkovska, MD 

Claude B. Sirlin, MD, FSAR
Sadhna Verma, MD
Judy Yee, MD, FACR, FSAR
Benjamin M. Yeh, MD, FSAR

Disease-Focused Panel (DFP) 
Oversight Committee

Susanna I. Lee, MD, PhD, FSAR Chair

Tracy A. Jaffe, MD, FSAR, Vice Chair

Matthew Davenport, MD
Marta E. Heilbrun, MD, MS, FSAR

Ania Kielar, MD

Alec Megibow, MD 

Andrew B. Rosenkrantz, MD, FSAR

Elizabeth Sadowski, MD

Stuart G. Silverman, MD, FSAR 

Joel G. Fletcher, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member

Claude B. Sirlin, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member

Early Career Committee
Aarthi Sekhar, MD, Chair

Nelly Tan, MD, Co-Chair

Michael Corwin, MD

Eric Ehman, MD

Ghaneh Fananapazir, MD

Gaurav Khatri, MD

Ania Kieler, MD

Lori Mankowski Gettle, MD

Christopher Miller, MD

Anuradha Shenoy-Bhangle, MD

Jennifer Uyeda, MD

Kirti Magudia, MD, RFS Liaison, Ex-Officio

Elizabeth Sadowski, MD, Advisor, Ex-Officio 


Ethics Committee

Erick Remer, MD, FSAR, Co-Chair
Fiona Cassidy, MD

Alessandro Furlan, MD
Margaret M. Fynes, MD

David Hough, MD

Christopher G. Roth, MD


Finance Committee

Frank Miller, MD, FACR, Chair
Matt Davenport, MD

Gail Yarmish, MD

Cheri L. Canon, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member

Informatics Committee

George Shih, MD, Chair

Mark Kovacs, MD, Co-Chair
Avneesh Gupta, MD
Nagaraj Setty Holalkere, MD

Roozbeh Houshyar, MD

Arun Krishnaraj, MD

International Education/

Visiting Professorship Committee

Desiree Mogan, Chair

Giovanna Casola, MD
Ulrike Hamper, MD

Perry Pickhardt, MD

Erick Remer, MD
Aarti Sekhar, MD
Antonio Westphalen, MD


Maintenance of Certification Committee
Dennis Balfe, MD, Chair
Tharakeswara K. Bathala, MD
Fiona Cassidy, MD
Keya Hosseinzadeh, MD
Devaraju Kanmaniraja, MD
Duance Mezwa, MD

Shetal N. Shah, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio

Membership Committee

John Leyendecker, MD, Chair
Brian Allen, MD

Alice Fung, MD

Gaurav Khatri, MD
Duane Mezwa, MD
Sadhna Nandwana, MD
Margarita Revzin, MD
Boris Sinayuk, MD

Sadhna Verma, MD


Nominating Committee

Bernard F. King, Jr., MD, FACR, FSAR, Chair

William W. Mayo-Smith, MD, FACR, FSAR
Judy Yee, MD, FACR, FSAR

Online Education Committee

Cynthia Santillan, MD, Chair

James Lee, MD

Marc Kohli, MD

Aya Kamaya, MD

Carolyn Wang, MD


Research Awards Committee

Thomas Hope, MD, Co-Chair
Sadhna Verma, MDCo-Chair

Priya Bhosale, MD

Jonathan Dillman, MD
Avinash Kambadakone-Ramesh, MD

Ismail Turkbey, MD


Resident and Fellows Section Committee

Kirti Magudia, MD, PhD, Chair
Paty Balthazar, MD, Vice-Chair
Mark Sugi, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Rules and Bylaws Committee

Mark Lockhart, MD, Chair

Steven Eberhardt, MD
Albert Seow, MD

Cheri L. Canon, MD, FSAR, Ex-Officio Member


SAR Fund Advisory Board

William W. Mayo-Smith, MD, FACR, FSAR, Chair

Hersh Chandarana, MD

Aya Kamaya, MD

Fred Lee, MD

Aarti Sekhar, MD

Judy Yee, MD, FACR, FSAR


Social Media Committee

Ryan O'Malley, MD, Chair
Elizabeth Edney, MD  

Neil Hansen, MD

Malak Itani, MD
James Lee, MD
Robert Marks, MD
Mahan Mathur, MD

Lucy Muinov, MD

Refky Nicola, MD


Special Awards Committee

Bernard King, Jr., MD, FSAR, Chair
Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAR

Koenraad Mortele, MD
Erick Remer, MD, FSAR
Cary Siegel, MD

Website Education Committee

Meghan Lubner, MD, Chair

Bijan Bijan, MD
Candice Bolan, MD
Dhakshina Ganeshan, MD

Venkat Katabathina, MD

Mark Kovacs, MD

Neeraj Lalwani, MD

Meghan Lubner, MD
Cooky Menias, MD, FSAR
Sadhna Nandwana, MD 

Myles Taffel, MD
Ashish P. Wasnik, MD


Website Oversight Committee

Paul Nikolaidis, MD, Chair

Patricia Castillo, MD

Andrew Hardie, MD

Amita Kamath, MD

Ania Kielar, MD



ACR Councilors and Strategic Alliance Committee

Fred Murphy, MD, ACR Councilor, Chair

Ted Dubinsky, MD
Thomas Dykes, MD
Corey Jensen, MD



SAR Special Focus Task Forces

From time to time the SAR will engage a group of SAR members to serve on a task force, to look into and address certain timely, relevant and emerging issues. Thank you to all SAR members who give your time and effort to participate in these important groups. 





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