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Neuroendocrine DFP

DFP Profile

DFP Mission

To facilitate earlier diagnosis, better understanding of the pathophysiology, biological behavior and natural history, stratify prognosis, improve assessment of treatment response and impact the survival and morbidity of the abdominopelvic neuroendocrine tumors by augmenting interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge and research within the radiology community by utilizing conventional and emerging imaging techniques.


DFP Goals

1)    Increase interdisciplinary and multi-institutional collaborations by:

a)    Forming a nonbiased committee represented by multiple institutions and medical specialties that truly reflects the greater neuroendocrine community.

b)    Creating resources for the society

c)    Case of the months and Annual (or more frequent) face to face or web based meetings among the DFP members to facilitate implementation of ongoing plans and activities, and explore new ideas towards education and research of the abdominopelvic (AP) neuroendocrine tumors.

d)    Interdisciplinary collaborations to understand and update the knowledge in AP NETs.

e)    Drawing on the expertise of its members from participation in societies dedicated to the mission of AP NETs.


2)    Educate the panel members, and ultimately the society as a whole, of the topics in AP NETs both within and outside of radiology through:

a)    Lectures at the annual meetings from the lead consultant and multi-institutional radiology and non-radiology expert consultants.

b)    Drawing on the knowledge of various specialists on our panel by lectures (e.g. WebEx, webinars) to the panel members regularly throughout the year, with the goal of ultimately spreading such information to the wider society.

c)    Review articles by panel members to allow for wider and more accessible dissemination of knowledge.

3)    Develop research topics and conduct original studies wholly within radiology as well as integrated into multidisciplinary efforts of larger scope projects on AP NETs. 

4)  Integrate with the ongoing SAR project of developing a multi-institution platform for storing and reviewing images for the purposes of research projects.


DFP Membership

Priya Bhosale, MD

Ajaykumar C Morani, MD

Motoyo Yano, MD

Chandana Lall, MD

Sadhana Verma, MD

Malak Itani MD

Dheeraj R Gopireddy, MD

Amir Iravani, MD

Isaac Francis, MD

Kedar G Sharbidre, MD

Juan Ibbara, MD

Samuel Galgano, MD

Sanaz Javadi, MD

John Millet, MD, MHS

Manohar Roda, MD

Ajit Goenka, MD

Thomas Hope, MD

Silvana Faria, MD

Michael Blake, MD

Heather Jacene, MD

David Bates MD

Beth Chasen, MD

Hina Arif, MD

Smita Sharma, MD


Adjunct/’ad hoc’ members to be drawn on for their expertise when needed. We will also welcome the suggestions from the wider Society regarding potential candidates.


Examples include:

MD Anderson Cancer Center:

Radiation Oncology: Eugene Koay

Medical Oncology: Daniel Halperin

Pathology: Huamin Wang
Surgical Oncology: Mathew Katz

Gastroenterology: Manoop Bhutani

Gynecology Oncology: Michael Frumovitz MD
GI Endoscopy: Manoop Bhutani


Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine:

Surgical Oncology: Chet Hammill, MD

Radiation Oncology: Hyun Kim, MD

Medical Oncology: Nikolaos Trikalinos, MD

Pathology: Deyali Chatterjee, MD

Gastroenterology: Koushik Das, MD


DFP Consultants

Daniel Halperin, MD (Chief consultant)

Mathew Katz, MD

Ching-Wei David Tzeng, MD

Emily Bergsland, MD

Palmela Kunz, MD

Manoop Bhutani, MD

Michael Frumovitz MD

Huamin Wang, MD

Koushik Das, MD

Deyali Chatterjee, MD

Nikolaos Trikalinos, MD

Hyun Kim, MD

Chet Hammill, MD


Leadership Plan of AP NET DFP


Lead Oncology Consultant: Daniel Halperin, MD


Founding Chairs: Priya Bhosale, MD and Ajaykumar Morani, MD

Chair: Priya Bhosale, MD

Co-chair 1:  Ajaykumar Morani, MD

Co-chair 2: Motoyo Yano, MD

Co-chair 3: Chandana Lall, MD

Co-chair 4: Sadhna Verma MD


Chairs in succession:

Ajaykumar Morani, MD

Motoyo Yano, MD

Chandana Lall, MD

Sadhna Verma MD


Chair of GEP and other AP NET DFP: Priya Bhosale MD

Chair of GI Neuroendocrine Tumors: Ajaykumar Morani, MD

Chair of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: Motoyo Yano, MD, PhD

Chair and Co-chair of other AP Neuroendocrine Tumors – Chandana Lall, MD (Chair) and Sadhna Verma MD (Co-Chair)


Director of Education for Case of the Month for the DFP: Dr. Reddy, MD MBA

Director of Informatics and Website Development for the DFP: Dr. Roda, MD
Director of Protocol and Template Management: Malak Itano, MD and Amir Iravani, MD


Imaging techniques/protocols:


Reporting templates:


Case of the month:

July 2020 - Dr. Ibarra-Rovira - Uterine Cervix Neuroendocrive Carcinoma

June 2020 - Dr. Gopireddy - Pancreatic Neuroendocrine

May 2020 - Drs. Taher, Morani - Bladder Neuroendocrine


Webinars and Conferences:
Dr. Halperin. Introduction to Neuroendocrine Tumors 07/31/2020


SAR Neuroendocrine DFP Twitter page link:


Societies focused on AP NET (e.g. NANETS, American Pancreatic Association, Lustgarten Society:


Article database from AP NET DFP:


Potential mentors and collaborators:


Review/Research articles on AP NET:


DFP Meeting minutes:

Email: | Phone: 847-752-5355
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